Dorschner, Ray & Rainbow Valley Dutchmen - 2 Classic Albums

Dutchmen with International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Ray Dorschner & his Rainbow Valley Dutchmen

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Track listing:

1. Polka Day Polka (Ray Dorschner)
2. Dutch Treat Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
3. Putzig Polka (Ray Dorschner)
4. Birchwood Schottische (Ray Dorschner)
5. Rainbow Valley Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
6. Dutchman's Delight (Ray Dorschner)
7. Rainbow Valley Polka (Ray Dorschner)
8. Dutch Maid Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
9. Harvest Festival Polka (Ray Dorschner)
10. The Old Dutch Mill (Ray Dorschner)
11. Starlight Schottische (Ray Dorschner)
12. Don's Laendler (Ray Dorschner)
13. When I Sleep Polka
14. The Village Blacksmith Laendler (Ray Dorschner)
15. Hometown Hoolerie (Ray Dorschner)
16. Blossom Waltz
17. Mathilda Polka
18. Elephant Waltz
19. Oompah Town Favorites
20. Winter Garden Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
21. Two Canaries Polka
22. Sleepy Time Laendler (Ray Dorschner)
23. Good Morning Polka
24. Dorf Waltz
25. Little German Band (Ray Dorschner)
26. Dutch Maid Waltz (Ray Dorschner)
27. Schmaltzie Music (Ray Dorschner)
28. Jenny Lind Polka
29. There Is A Tavern in the Town Polka
Artist: Ray Dorschner and his Rainbow Valley Dutchmen