Dujka - Grandpa's List, The Best of The Dujka Brothers, Volume 2

Czech and English Vocals featured from Texas

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Track listing:


1. I Just Wanna' Have Fun
2. Lovely Mary Polka
3. Moon Over Moravia Waltz
4. Helena Polka
5. Memories Waltz
6. Fire Brigade Polka
7. Headache Waltz
8. Grinders Polka
9. Carpenter's Waltz
10. Strawberries, Raspberries Polka
11. Mountain Valley Waltz
12. Rancho Grande
13. Koline, Koline
14. Watersprite Waltz
15. Beer Medley (Beer Barrel, No Beer Today, In Heaven There is No Beer)
16. Starlight Waltz
17. Red Raven Polka
18. Accordion Waltz
19. Red and White Waltz
20. Julida Polka
21. Happiness Waltz
22. Black Crow Polka

Artist: The Dujka Brothers