Dujka - Let's Have A Party

Direct from Texas come the talented Dujka Brothers celebrating 30 years of making music!

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The Dujka Brothers from Texas are a popular brother team of Mark and John. Their vocals are some of the best in the business. Enjoy the Dujka Brothers on this CD as they celebrate 30 Years of making music!

Track listing:

1. Let’s Have A Party Polka
2. True Annie Waltz
3. Church Picnic Polka
4. Katherine’s Waltz
5. Czhilispiel Polka
6. Black Gypsy Polka
7. Westphalia Waltz
8. If I Were A Bird Polka
9. Dark Lighted Barrooms
10. Clover By The Water Polka
11. Garden Waltz
12. Bang-Bang Polka
13. Hey Baby Que Paso
14. Waltz Medley-Looking For My Sweetheart-At The Spring
15. Santa Bring Me A Tuba
16. Round and Round Polka
17. The Chair
18. Tic-Tock Polka
19. Seven Step Polka
20. Make the World Go Away

Artist: The Dujka Brothers