Dujka - The Tradition Continues...The Best of The Dujka Brothers, Volume 1

Czech and English Vocals featured from Texas

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Track listing:


1. Wheelbarrow Polka
2. When I Waltz With You
3. Pivo and Kolaches, Cerveza and Tamales Polka
4. Whenever We Get Together Waltz
5. Kajdu Polka
6. Annie in the Cabbage Patch Polka
7. Red Rose Waltz
8. Shiner Song
9. Blue Skirt Waltz
10. Red Wine Polka
11. Musicians Come Play Polka
12. Fallen Leaf Waltz
13. Peanuts Polka
14. Out Behind the Barn Polka
15. German Waltz Medley
16. Youth and Pleasure Polka
17. Dreamland Waltz
18. Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
19. Eatin' Kolaches Polka
20. Beautiful America Waltz
21. Hill of Shiner Polka

Artist: The Dujka Brothers