Heier - Double Album on CD - 40th Anniversary/Music for the People We Love

Gene Heier from Wisconsin!

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Gene Heier and His Orchestra with a Double Album now on one CD-"Music for the People We Love and 40th Anniversary". Gene Heier plays music from Wisconsin. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. By the Dam Polka
2. Kuchler's Laendler
3. Our Meeting Waltz
4. When the Day Awakes Polka
5. Before We Part Waltz
6. At the First Dance Polka
7. Snow Waltz
8. Sparky's Polka
9. Linky's Laendler
10. The Wanderer Waltz
11. Old Czech Music Polka
12. Dancing Shoes Polka
13. Heart of Stone Waltz
14. Waltzes from the Rhine
15. Divorce Polka
16. After the Morning Waltz
17. Alone in the World Waltz
18. Country Girl Polka
19. You Lied to Me That Time Polka
20. Driftwood Waltz
21. Song of Bohemia Waltz
22. Be Good To Me Polka
23. All I Need Is You
Artist: Gene Heier and His Orchestra