Janak, Kenny - Bohemian Dream

The Kenny Janak Orchestra Direct from Omaha, Nebraska, USA!

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PolkaConnection.com is excited to bring you this debut CD album of the Kenny Janak Orchestra direct from Omaha, Nebraska, USA, simply entitled “Bohemian Dream”. From the liner notes, “Music has long been an important part of” the “Janak family going back several generations”. We at PolkaConnection.com have watched and listened to Janak music for decades and have always noticed the superior talents. Make no mistake, it is often said in German by people in the know: “Aus Böhmen Kommt Die Musik” (From Bohemia Comes the Music). As longtime fans of this art form, no truer words have been said regarding this genre of music. Don’t Pass this Outstanding CD today! This is a PolkaConnection.com recommended CD.

Track Listing:

1. Bohemian Dream
2. In My Home (Kenny Janak)
3. Vitavo, Vitavo
4. In the Garden
5. Julida Variations
6. Fest Waltz
7. Unmarried Girl
8. In the Brewhouse
9. Forest Solitude
10. Conchita the Waitress
11. Mountain Flower
12. My Dearest
13. Pepper and Salt
14. We’re Going to Spain
15. Ziachklartett Landler
16. So We Are

Artist: Kenny Janak Orchestra