Jaworski, John - Polish and Slovak Folk Songs

Polish and Slovak Folk Songs with John Jaworski

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“Polish and Slovak Folk Songs” with John Jaworski and His Folk Band are featured on this Brand New CD. Music from Chicago! Check out this CD today.

Track Listing:

1. In the Forest
2. O, the Party!
3. A Handsome Fellow Came A-Courting
4. Johnny Johnny
5. The Widely Flowing Water
6. Young Kathy Pastured the Cows
7. The Horses were Strutting
8. The Cossacks were Riding
9. The Willow Tree
10. Balalajka
11. I Will Not Go Any Farther
12. In The Forest at Malinowka
13. The River Dunaj
14. In the Evening at Sunset
15. On The Other Side of the Lake
16. In The Valley
17. All the Good Prospects are Away in the Service
18. Don’t Go, Johnny
Artist: John Jaworski and His Folk Band