Dujka - Shining Up Old Favorites

Czech and English Vocals featured from Texas

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The Dujka Brothers from Texas are a popular brother team of Mark and John. Their vocals are some of the best in the business. Enjoy the Dujka Brothers!


Track listing:


1. Unknown Girl Polka
2. Austin Waltz
3. I Love To Dance Polka
4. You Are My Special One
5. Old Meadow Polka
6. Meadowlark Waltz
7. Green Grove Polka
8. My Darling Waltz
9. Annie Cutting Grass Polka
10. Kukler's Laendler
11. Paloma Blanca
12. All Smiles Tonight
13. Barbara Polka
14. Wild Olive Waltz
15. The Hill and Dale Polka
16. Isabella Waltz
17. Cradle Polka
18. At The Dance Waltz
19. Poor Cinderella Polka
20. Aj Ja Sam (All By Myself) Polka

Artist: The Dujka Brothers