Data - Aggie's Telephone Gems - Comedy Skits by Marisha Data

International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marisha Data!

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International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marisha Data. "Aggie's Telephone Gems" is a CD of Comedy Skits by Marisha Data. Check out this CD with Marisha Data.

Tracks include:

1. The Twist
2. Cape Canaveral
3. Aggie's Birthday
4. Baseball Game
5. Laughing Aggie
6. Peace Corps
7. Sanitary Department
8. Hiccups
9. Coo Coo Clock
10. Happy New Year
11. Going on a Diet
12. Hello Zelda
13. G.I. Aggie
14. Kitty Cats
15. Aggie the Playwright
16. Here Comes the Bride
17. Daily Double
18. Aggie the Poet
19. Polish Playboy
20. Washington School
21. Aggie the Teacher
22. Queen of the Ball
Artist: Marisha Data