Dynatones - Vintage Dynatones

Classic Music with Scrubby & The Dyantones!

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The Dynatones direct from Buffalo, NY feature Larry Trojak and Dave “Scrubby” Seweryniak. Other musicians include Al Piatkowski, Mike Nowakowski, Dave “Nigel” Kurdziel, Matt Lewandowski, Mark Trzepacz, Chris Gawlak, Mike Evan, Jan Cyman, and many more. The Dynatones continued for years to promote Polish American Polka Music! Don’t pass this classic CD with the Dynatones!

Track Listing:

1. Zosia Polka
2. Our Mary Polka
3. Nickel City Oberek
4. Goral Polka
5. You Gotta Be My Baby
6. Waltz Medley
7. Buffalo Is a Polka Town
8. There Goes Jack Polka
9. Hosa Horasa Oberek
10. Dorothy
11. Red Shoes Polka
12. We like Polka Music
13. It's All Over Waltz
14. Up & Down Polka
15. Scrubby's Polka
16. Friendly Tavern Polka
17. Ku Ku Oberek
18. 1-2-3
19. Happy Wanda
20. Boys from Chicago Polka
21. Congratulations
22. What's the Reason Polka
23. Tribute to Ray Budzilek

Artist: Dynatones