Gazda - Adventures in Mind Control

Polish American Eastern Style Polkas Fine clarinet and accordion throughout this album!

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Track Listing:


1. Clarinet Polka
2. Jak to na Wojence Ladne
3. Crystal Ball Oberek
4. Ballroom Polka
5. Jersey Jet
6. Balawy Mazur
7. Grandpa’s Polka
8. Saxopolka
9. Medley of Kisses
10. Krakowiak
11. Helen Polka
12. Three Canaries
13. All Aboard Oberek
14. Wladka Polka
15. Hopscotch Polka
16. Bialy Mazur
17. Pretty Helen Polka
18. Mind Control Polka
19. Oberek in the Old Country
20. Alive Polka

Artist: Rick Gazda