Gora - Polka Playin' Fool

Polish Push Style Polkas from Canada

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John Góra & Górale continue to pump out fun polkas from Canada! “Polka Playin’ Fool” is the latest album from John Góra & Górale. This album is full of music that is sure to please! Special Guest on vocals is Mollie Busta.


Track Listing:


1. Polka Playin' Fool
2. Andy's Doves Polka
3. Hallelujah Waltz
4. Daddy's Hands Polka
5. Monday Morning Polka
6. One Promise Too Late Polka
7. Kasia Oberek
8. Out behind the Barn Polka
9. What's a Memory like You Polka
10. Thundering Water Waltz
11. Girls, Girls, Girls Polka
12. Happiness Polka
13. Love Sunshine & Strawberries Polka Medley
14. Puste Koperty
15. I Love You Polka
16. Just For One

Artist: John Gora & Gorale