Karl and The Country Dutchmen - Boys Day Out

Karl Hartwich is one of the most imitated and innovative concertina artists in the world. He is one the best!

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Track listing:

1. Anniversary Polka
2. St. Louis Polka
3. Black Hawk Waltz
4. Button Accordion Polka
5. Pra-Ha Polka
6. On Your Toes Polka
7. Schnapps Polka
8. Ach Taller Waltzer
9. Bird's Nest Polka
10. Hold On
11. Tempo Polka
12. Sky Blue Waters Polka
13. Clarinet Laendler #1
14. Ponderosa Polka (Ray Dorschner)
15. Boys Day Out Polka (Karl Hartwich)
Artist: Karl & the Country Dutchmen