Karl and The Country Dutchmen - Concertina Solos

Karl Hartwich is one of the most imitated and innovative concertina artists in the world. He is one the best! He plays every song on this CD!

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Track listing:

1. Pizza Polka
2. La Golondrina Waltz
3. Mud Puppy Polka (Karl Hartwich)
4. I Told A Lie to My Heart
5. Minneapolis Polka
6. Pond Lily Waltz
7. Howard's Polka
8. Stranger on the Shore
9. Give Back My Heart Waltz
10. Kinder Polka
11. Someday
12. Flutophone Polka
13. Moon Over Dodge Waltz (Karl Hartwich)
14. A Walk In The Black Forest
15. Fleeting Memories Waltz
16. Little Joe Polka
17. I'm Afraid To Love You
18. Enchanted Woods Waltz
19. Let the Rest of the World Go By
Artist: Karl & the Country Dutchmen