Karl and The Country Dutchmen - Is Everybody Happy

Karl Hartwich is one of the most imitated and innovative concertina artists in the world. He is one the best!

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Track listing:

1. Doghouse Polka
2. Drifting Immigrants Waltz
3. Karl's Bad Schottische (Karl Hartwich)
4. Happy Time Polka
5. Kim Marie Waltz (Karl Hartwich)
6. Bee Hive Polka
7. Ja Da
8. Summertime Waltz
9. In the Green Grove Polka
10. Gary's Polka
11. Spanish Eyes
12. Minnesota Polka
13. I'm Coming Waltz
14. Country Gentlemen Polka (Syl Liebl)
15. Midnight Waltz
16. Harvest Time Schottische
17. Concertina Laendler #3764 5/8
18. Musetta Polka
19. Baby Waltz
20. Evening Shadows Waltz
21. Siegel Town Polka
22. Ski Waltz (Marty “Doc” Nachreiner on concertina)
23. Ja Son Pepik Polka
24. Foolish Polka
Artist: Karl & the Country Dutchmen