Karl and The Country Dutchmen - Last Call - 30th Anniversary

Karl Hartwich is one of the most imitated and innovative concertina artists in the world. He is one the best!

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Track listing:

1. Repeat Polka
2. Skip Polka
3. Oklahoma Waltz
4. Keanies Polka (Brian Brueggen)
5. Coquette Polka
6. Gold Dust Polka (Syl Liebl)
7. Red Wing Polka
8. American Legion Schottische (Syl Liebl)
9. Chicken Polka
10. Golden Days Polka
11. Blue Eyes Waltz
12. 110 Polka
13. Sauerkraut Polka
14. California Polka
15. Ducks On The Pont Waltz
16. Friendship Polka #2
17. Last Polka
18. Linda's Lullaby Waltz (Karl Hartwich)
Artist: Karl & the Country Dutchmen