Karl, Brian, and Jerry Schuft - Hang 'Em Out To Dry With The Good 'Ole Boys

Excellent Concertina with Karl Hartwich, Jerry Schuft, and Brian Brueggen!

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Three fine concertina artists are featured on this CD! Karl Hartwich, Jerry Schuft, and Brian Brueggen perform on “Hang ‘em Out to Dry with the Good ‘Ole Boys”. Also on concertina for one track is Marty Nachreiner. Don’t pass this excellent concertina album today!


Track Listing:


1. La La La Polka
2. Neil’s Laendler
3. Farmer’s Polka
4. Dream of Heaven
5. Tom Cat Polka
6. Dutchmen’s Waltz
7. Village Barn Schottische
8. Gypsy Polka
9. Kayli’s Lullbye
10. St. Paul Polka
11. Heinie Polka
12. Goosetown Waltz
13. Red Wine Polka
14. Blue Bird/Mockingbird
15. Red Wing Polka
16. Ducks on the Pond
17. Bye Bye Baby
18. Koca-Bola Polka
19. Evening Shadows

Artist: Karl Hartwich, Brian Brueggen, Jerry Schuft