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Ray Konkol playing All Instrumental Chemnitzer Concertina Music!

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Ray Konkol is well known around the Upper Midwest for his concertina abilities. This CD features Ray Konkol with all instrumental concertina music. Concertina Dutchmen style from Wisconsin with Ray Konkol on this CD!

Track listing:

1. Potter Polka
2. Slow and Easy Waltz
3. Prune Dumpling Polka
4. Dorf Waltz
5. Musicians Come and Play
6. Holiday Hoolerie Waltz
7. Like a Rose Polka
8. Goosetown Waltz
9. You and Me
10. Clarinet Laendler #2
11. In the Green Grove Polka
12. Orphan Waltz
13. Rainbow Valley Polka
14. Three Mountain Laendler
15. Syl's Button Accordion Polka
16. Bachelor's Waltz
17. Howard's Polka
18. Bluebird Waltz
19. Concertina Polka
20. Red Handkerchief Waltz
Artist: Ray Konkol

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