Konkol - Concertina Solos and Duets with Linda Schroeder

Ray Konkol playing All Instrumental Chemnitzer Concertina Music! Special guest is Linda Schroeder on concertina!

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Ray Konkol is well known around the Upper Midwest for his concertina abilities. This CD features Ray Konkol with all instrumental concertina music. Concertina Dutchmen style from Wisconsin with Ray Konkol on this CD!

Special guest is Linda Schroeder on concertina.

Track listing:

1. Red Wing Polka
2. Aunties Waltz
3. Hollywood Polka
4. Silver Lake Waltz
5. Sharpshooters March
6. Anna Mazurka
7. Hopeless Polka
8. Marianne
9. Erika Waltz
10. Doghouse
11. Rangers Waltz
12. Young Widow Polka
13. Warrens Waltz
14. Clock on the Steeple Polka
15. Koster Waltz
16. Concertina Holiday Polka
17. Kujawiak #6 Waltz
18. Polka Day Polka
19. Deer Waltz
20. Stumbling
21. Minnesota Polka
22. Dutch Festival Waltz
23. Mathilda Polka
24. Old Time Schottische #1
25. Heska Holka Polka
Artist: Ray Konkol