Karl with The Wendingers - Basically Buttons It's A Small, Small World…25th Anniversary

Concertina & more featuring Karl Hartwich with Peter & Paul and the Wendinger Band!

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2 albums now on one CD!

Track listing:


1. Green is Green Polka
2. Andy's Polka
3. Oh Marie Waltz
4. Lee's Polka
5. Saddle Horse Polka
6. Elsie's Waltz
7. Sharpshooters March
8. Flutophone Polka
9. One Eyed Jack Polka
10. Goosetown Polka
11. Echoes in the Hills Waltz
12. Roller Coaster Polka
13. Swedish Waltz
14. Barnyard Polka
15. Old Man's Waltz
16. Pepper Pot Polka
17. It's A Small, Small World Polka
18. Wild Rover Waltz
19. Pa Pa The Accordion Man
20. Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz
21. Fraulein
22. I'll Be The One Polka
23. Say Thank You Dear Waltz
24. When The Snow Is On The Roses
25. Three Yanks Polka
26. Seaman

Artist: Karl Hartwich with Peter & Paul Wendinger