Meixner, Al - Button Box Treasures

Diatonic Button Box Accordion, All Instrumental with Al Meixner!

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Mr. Al Meixner has been making music his entire life. He has studied music in great detail and continues to produce the music on his button box accordion and more. Here is some fine button box accordion on this CD!

Track listing:

1. By The Small Hills Polka
2. Corinthian Wine Mash Waltz
3. Slovenian Fellows Polka
4. In Front Of My Cottage Waltz
5. I Asked My Mother Polka
6. Love Is Not A Habit Waltz
7. Oh, How Long is This Trip Polka
8. With My Walking Stick In Hand Waltz
9. Dance From Prekmurje
10. I'll Ask You One More Time Waltz
11. Burgo's Polka
12. Good-Bye From The Plains Waltz
13. Ursala Polka
14. I Told You That Waltz
15. Old Mitsa Polka
16. The Bird and The Girl Waltz
17. The Grasshopper Polka
Artist: Al Meixner