New Brass - The Best of The New Brass

Polish American Push Style Polkas with the New Brass, Classic Music

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Track Listing:


1. Joy Joy Polka
2. Lovesick Polka
3. On The Road Oberek
4. Looking For a Wife Polka
5. Swingin' Brass Polka
6. Today, Tomorrow, Always Polka
7. Hop To It Oberek
8. One More Time Polka
9. 100 Proof Polka
10. Girl on the Hill Polka
11. Three Pals Polka
12. Flea Fly Polka
13. Automobile Polka
14. Where Were You Oberek
15. Hogans Polka
16. Everybody Loves Somebody Polka
17. Jeannie's Polka
18. Chubby Valley Polka
19. Dance A Happy Dance
20. Brass Bounce Polka
21. You Turn Me On Oberek
22. Victor’s Polka Sneakers Polka
23. The Sun’s Gonna Shine Polka
24. Pots and Pans Polka
25. Steve's Special Polka
26. Musician's Wife Polka
27. Merry Go Round Polka
28. We like It Polka
29. Krakowianka Oberek
30. Y'all Come Polka

Artist: New Brass