Polka Country Musicians - Roads We Travel

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Wally Dombrowski and Polish American Push Style Polkas with the Polka Country Musicians!

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The Polka Country Musicians continue pumping out quality power packed Push Style polka music. Rich and Wally Dombrowski, leaders of the Polka Country Musicians, have lived this music for decades. The heritage is event as is a contemporary edge to their sound. Don’t pass the Polka Country Musicians on this CD!

Track Listing:

1. Roads We Travel
2. Just Start Walking
3. Hopelessly in Love with You
4. Jedzie Boat
5. A Life that's Good
6. Do You Love Me
7. Polka Joy
8. That's How You Write a Song
9. One More Time
10. Dance with My Baby
11. If It's Alright
12. Here's to the Next Time Waltz
13. If Wishes were Horses
14. Dark Night
Artist: Polka Country Musicians