Polka's Greatest Hits - Volume 2 - 20 Songs

Classic Polkas from the Upper Midwest USA!

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Polka Music continues to be popular throughout the USA and world. Here are some classic sounds of the Upper Midwest now on this CD. Check out this CD today with many different artists.

Track Listing:

1. O Suzanna Schottische-Polka Padre
2. My Wife is Happy-The Deutschmeisters
3. Heska Holka Polka-Ray Dorschner’s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen
4. Schneider Polka-Christy Hengel
5. Pretty Girl Polka-Eric Honza
6. Hard to Get-Polka Padre
7. Our Mike Polka-Peter and Paul Wendinger
8. Hup Sadyna Polka-Polka Padre
9. Swedish Waltz-Ray Dorschner’s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen
10. No Beer Today-The Deutschmeisters
11. Three Yanks Polka-Ray Dorschner’s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen
12. Saint Paul Waltz-Polka Padre
13. Johnny’s Knocking Polka-Peter and Paul Wendinger
14. Musicians Come and Play-Polka Padre
15. Oriole Waltz-The Deutschmeisters
16. Who’d Ya Kile To Love Ya-Polka Padre
17. At the Spring Waltz-Eric Honza
18. Red Bird Polka-Polka Padre
19. Saint Paul Polka-The Deutschmeisters
20. Jolly Musicians Polka-Christy Hengel
Artist: Various Artists