Wendinger - Bellows and Brass with Class

The Wendinger Band direct from New Ulm, Minnesota!

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Direct from New Ulm, MN comes the Wendinger Band featuring Peter and Paul on concertinas. For decades The Wendinger Band has traveled throughout the Upper Midwest and beyond. Check out this CD with the Wendingers.

Formerly 2 LPs now on 1 CD!

Track listing:

1. Bright Star Polka
2. Oh, Lord It's Hard To Be Humble Waltz
3. Hatten Wir Lieber Das Gelt Ver Grabben Waltz
4. Wooden Heart Polka
5. Memories Are Made Of This
6. Pepper Pot Polka
7. Waltz across Texas
8. Invisible Tear
9. Old Man's Waltz
10. She's Too Fat For Me Polka
11. The West a Nest and You Dear Waltz
12. When I Sleep Polka
13. Pearl of Tyrol Waltz
14. Fiddlin' Bones Polka
15. Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz
16. Like a Rose Polka
17. Welcome to My World
18. Hangover Waltz
19. Schneider Polka
20. Forever and Ever Polka
21. My Little Corner of the World
22. Foolish Polka
23. Midnight Waltz
24. Pioneer Schottische
25. Sliphorn Laendler
Artist: Wendinger Band