47th Street Concertina Club - Introducing the 47th Street Concertina Club

The 47th Street Concertina Club from Chicago!

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The 47th Street Concertina Club from Chicago. Classic Polish American Polkas featuring the concertina. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Psia Krew Polka
2. At the Doctor's Oberek
3. In the Garden Polka
4. I'll Never Forget Waltz
5. Terry's Polka
6. Concertina Hop Polka
7. I Walk the Line Polka
8. What Do You Say Mary Polka
9. Old Willow Waltz
10. Billy Goat Polka
11. Ti-Ri-Rit-Kum Oberek
12. Chicago Girls Polka
13. Concertina Jamboree Polka
14. Michigan Oberek
15. First Time Polka
16. Godfather's Polka
17. Green Grass Polka
18. Little Waltz
19. Riverboat Polka
20. Front Porch Oberek
21. Zip Zip Polka
22. Highway Polka
23. Orphan Boy Waltz
24. Getting Old Polka
Artist: The 47th Street Concertina Club