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The 47th Street Concertina Club from Chicago!

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The 47th Street Concertina Club from Chicago. Classic Polish American Polkas featuring the concertina. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Hop In Polka
2. Wally's Sztajerek
3. Angie's Polka
4. Dianne's Oberek
5. Sizzling Polka
6. Whispering Waltz
7. Fast and Furious Polka
8. Coming From Pittsburgh
9. I'll Build You a Home
10. Let's Go Polka
11. Lisak's Oberek
12. Hey Good Lookin'
13. Polish Mary Waltz
14. Pulak's Polka
15. Thank You Musicians
16. Cyt Cyt Waltz
17. I Love That Polka
18. Four Miles From Warsaw
19. Won't You Be My Honey
20. Josephine's Oberek
21. Sparkling Eyes Polka
22. Golden Star Polka
23. Dance With Me Darlin'
24. Dark Eyes Polka
25. Celia's Oberek
26. Ruthie's Polka
27. Evening in May
28. Happy George Polka
Artist: The 47th Street Concertina Club