Barefoot Becky - A Box Blend

Barefoot Becky Performing Slovenian/Cleveland Style Polkas and Waltzes!

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Barefoot Becky presents her latest CD entitled ”A Box Blend”. This CD features Barefoot Becky singing and playing Slovenian/Cleveland Style Polkas and Waltzes. Other musicians include: Terry Ard, International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Craig Ebel, and Tom Plummer. Check out this fine CD today with Barefoot Becky!

Tracks include:

1. Happy Minute Polka
2. Dreaming Waltz
3. Ma and Pops Polka
4. European Waltz
5. Let’s Have a Party
6. Top of The Hill Polka
7. Lady of Spring
8. Alla En El Rancho Grande
9. Linda Schottische
10. El Rio Drive
11. Florence Waltz
12. Strawberries and Raspberries
13. Roving Lullaby
14. Back to Work Polka
15. Be Loved Be Faithful
16. Sheboygan Polka
Artist: Barefoot Becky