Bay Staters and Bob Szymanski - Bay State's Finest Polkas

Bay State's Finest Polkas!

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Two former LPs now on one CD from the REX Collection. The Bay State's Finest Polkas featuring Bob Szymanski and His Orchestra and the Bay Staters. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

Bob Szymanski and His Orchestra

1. Bay State's Finest Polka
2. Mass Pike Polka
3. Maple Tree Oberek
4. Tipsy John Polka
5. No No No Polka
6. Snippers Oberek
7. Down the Hatch Polka
8. Plymouth Rock Polka
9. First Day Polka
10. In My Home Oberek
11. Chubby Diane Polka
12. John's Oberek

Bay Staters

13. Q-Club Polka
14. Candy Land Polka
15. Seven and Seven Oberek
16. What a Life Polka
17. Dolores Polka
18. Medley of Kisses Oberek
19. Wait Till I Tell Mama Polka
20. Bay State Oberek
21. Hopak Figure Dance Polka
22. Port Oberek
23. Chrissy's Polka
24. Village Rhinelander
Artist: Bay Staters and Bob Szymanski and His Orchestra