Blazonczyk, Eddie - Everybody Polka

Grammy® Award winning artist, Polish American Push Style Polkas

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

Track listing:


1. Everybody Polka
2. Did You Have To Bring That up Polka
3. Brighton Park Polka
4. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
5. As Years Pass By Waltz
6. Polka Lounges in Chicago
7. Polka Menagerie
8. Tell Me Girlie Polka
9. Village Girls Polka
10. At The Mill Oberek
11. I’m Happy Today Polka
12. Oj Kasiu Waltz
13. Hej Goralu Polka
14. Hej Karolciu Polka

Artist: Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones