Blazonczyk, Eddie - Live and Kickin' - 2 CDs

2 CD Set, Member of the International Polka Music Hall of Fame®, Grammy® Award winning artist, Polish American Push Style Polkas

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This is a Grammy® nominated 2 CD set

2 CD Set


This CD set was chosen 2001 Favorite Album by the electors of the International Polka Association

Track listing:


CD 1
1. Opening Theme
2. Playboy Polka
3. My MaryLou Polka
4. Stop the World Polka
5. Visit to Poland Polka
6. Bum Cyk Cyk Dana Oberek
7. Angeline Be Mine Polka
8. Hanusia Polka
9. Wiwat Wiwat Polka
10. Pretty MaryAnn Polka
11. White Roses Waltz
12. Kukuleczka Polka
13. Now You See Her Now You Don’t Polka
14. Johnny’s Troubles Polka
15. Fragrant Roses Oberek
16. Mary’s Knocking Polka
17. Moutaineer’s Farewell Polka
18. Farewell Polka


CD 2
1. Suicide Polka
2. Mountaineer’s Polka
3. Na Lewo Na Prawo Polka
4. At The Square Polka
5. Pretty Polish Blue Eyes Waltz
6. Hey Pretty Girl Polka
7. Lovely Girl Polka
8. Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Polka
9. Oj Dig A Dig Polka
10. Ukrania Polka
11. Early Morning Oberek
12. Wheel of Fortune Polka
13. Polka Hero Polka
14. Polka Celebration
15. When I Hear the Music Polka
16. Bride and Groom Polka
17. Far Away From Home Polka

Artist: Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones