Boys - A New Day

Polish American Push Style Polkas with The Boys!

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The Boys are back! “A New Day” with The Boys is the title of the latest CD. The Boys are Al Puwalski, Jeff Yash, Mike Evan, Mike Matousek, Dave Morris, and Frank Liszka. Check out this latest CD with The Boys!

This CD album was chosen 2011 Favorite Album by the electors of the International Polka Association

Track listing:

1. Brand New Fool Polka
2. Under the Cherry Tree Polka
3. Baby’s Back Again Polka
4. Man in the Forest Polka
5. Drink, Drink, Drink Oberek
6. It’s Never Too Late Polka
7. My Condition Polka
8. I Love You So Waltz
9. Runnin’ Round Polka
10. Tam w Poznaniu Polka
11. You’re the Only World I Know Polka
12. Don’t Object Oberek
13. In My Old Polish Town Polka
14. Falling and Flying Polka
15. My Dreams Polka
16. Another Boys Nite Out Polka
Artist: The Boys