Boys - Classics - 24 Signature Selections

Classic Polish American Push Style Polkas with the Boys!

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The Boys present a “Collection of Classics”. 24 classic songs with the Boys performing some of their hottest hits from two albums “Boys Nite Out” and “Boys will be Boys”! Check out this CD with The Boys!

Track listing:

1. Boy's Night Out
2. Bartender's
3. Maybe My Baby
4. Stubborn Boy Oberek
5. Love Bug
6. I Hate To Say It
7. You'll come Runnin'
8. Visit to Poland
9. Sad Orphans Waltz
10. Baltimore Hop
11. Yo Buddy Oberek
12. Bloody Mary
13. Boys Will Be Boys
14. Kate and John's
15. Polka Joy
16. Dorothy's Oberek
17. Polonia Grove
18. Here We Go
19. You Make Me Forget Her
20. I Can't Help But Wonder
21. Is It Really Love Waltz
22. Playground
23. Stala Marysia Oberek
24. I'm Comfortable
Artist: The Boys