Brass Connection (TBC) - Down Through The Years

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Frankie Liszka & The Brass Connection (TBC) play Polish American Push Style Polkas!

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The Brass Connection (TBC) played for decades. Their creative songs and powerful Push polkas certainly set high standards for many. Along with their strong creative music enjoy TBC’s tight sound on this CD as they go “Down through the Years”!

Track Listing:

1. Intro / Take A Chance Polka
2. Big Brown Eyes Polka
3. Good Friends Polka
4. Medley – She Teases Me, I Wanna Live & Love, You Are the One
5. Riflemen's Oberek
6. Don't Tell Me Polka
7. Blue Magic Polka
8. Medley – It Takes Two, There I'll Be, My Sweet Melinda
9. Nine Hour Drive Polka
10. Piekna Kalina Waltz
11. Can I Count on You
12. Sing with Me Polka
13. What You Can't Have Polka
14. Fragrant Roses Oberek
15. Got No Reason Polka
16. Gonna Have Love Polka
17. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone Polka
18. Bar None Polka
19. Secret Meeting Polka
20. Play Those Fiddles Oberek
21. Medley – Just In Case, You Are My Sweetheart Now, A Girl like You
22. You're For Me Polka
23. Sure Gonna Miss Her Polka
Artist: The Brass Connection