Brass Connection (TBC) - 1999

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Frankie Liszka & The Brass Connection (TBC) play Polish American Push Style Polkas

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The Brass Connection (TBC) played for decades. Their creative songs and powerful Push polkas certainly set high standards for many. Along with their strong creative music enjoy TBC’s tight sound!

Track listing:

1. Don't Come Crying Polka
2. Beautiful Lies Polka
3. Baron's Polka
4. If You Were Mine Oberek
5. We're Happy Together Polka
6. I Never Really Knew You Polka
7. Sat on a Cow Polka
8. Zasmucony Waltz
9. We're But a Moment Polka
10. Two Lovers Polka
11. I Had a Pigeon Polka
12. Sit down My Love Polka
Artist: The Brass Connection