Boys - Where The Boys Are

Hot Polish American Push Style Polkas with The Boys!

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The Boys are back with another brand new CD entitled “Where The Boys Are”.

From the CD liner notes-“Despite living in four different states, the members of The Boys continue to produce their unique, signature sound, both on the stage and in the studio. The songs featured on this recording collectively represent that special synergy that occurs whenever The Boys collaborate. Note how each selection features a rich vocal, supported by powerful riffs, vibrant rhythms, and tasteful melodies, that invites the listener to get lost in the story. Need a place to escape for a while? Come to…Where The Boys Are”.

The Boys are:

Mike Matousek, International Polka Music Hall of Fame®
Frank Liszka, International Polka Music Hall of Fame®
Mike Evan
Dave Morris
Al Puwalski
Jeff Yash

Special Guests include

Randy Koslosky, International Polka Music Hall of Fame®
Eddie Siwiec, International Polka Music Hall of Fame®
Stacey Morris

Don’t Pass this CD today! This CD album was chosen 2016 Favorite Polish Album by the electors of the International Polka Association

Track Listing:

1. Mary Jane Polka
2. Blue Ohio Dreamer Polka
3. My Girl-Modern Girls Polka
4. Love Makes the World Go Around Polka
5. Where Did The Boys Go Oberek
6. I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today Polka
7. Mr. Pan Polka
8. Uphill Climb Polka
9. Mom and Dad Know Best Waltz
10. I’ll Never Find Another You Polka
11. Flirting Polka
12. I’m Gonna Live It Up Polka
13. I Wish I Was a Millionaire Polka
14. Love Of A Lifetime Polka
15. Stop the World and Let Me Off Polka
Artist: The Boys