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Brusky - The Polka Pontoon - 108.7 FM WEAK Radio -Comedy

Tom Brusky presents The Polka Pontoon - A Polka CD in the format of a 1 hour Radio Show infused with Dry Humor like you have never heard before!

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IMPORTANT: Please be advised this is not your everyday polka CD. Although most of it is suitable for all ages, some of the material is not appropriate for young audiences. If you are easily offended by political incorrectness or mild coarse language, we recommend you do not purchase this CD.

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"WEAK Polka Pontoon" with talented Tom Brusky

Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Additional musicians: David Austin, Don Hunjadi, and Dan Tutsch
Additional vocalists: CowboyTheGirl, Matt Newton, Lauryn Noelle, Justin Spanbauer, and Jake Warne
Additional voice-overs: Debra Babich, Michelle Blenker, Kj Lyn, Carter Brosowsky, Janine Herr, Rick McKay, and Inna Voloshin

Get ready for a polka CD unlike any you've heard before! Using musical parody and humor, this CD takes a lighthearted, satirical jab at polka music through the bumbling operation of a fictional, hometown radio station. It's a polka music CD, but all the music, and much more, is delivered in the form of a one-hour polka radio show.

Radio station WEAK is located in downtown Glaucoma, a quaint, all-American town nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's rural polka country. Every Saturday morning, the region's older population tune in to WEAK 108.7 FM to hear the Polka Pontoon radio show. The show, sponsored by such businesses as Zedwick-Gerber Funeral Home and Doctor Wells' Orthotics, is hosted by the aloof-yet-adorable Bill Sczyszykowski.

From the technical difficulties to the incompetent announcing, the WEAK Polka Pontoon radio show is doomed from the beginning. The commercials are outrageous, the news reports are anything but politically correct, and some of the music is barely tolerable.

But there's another side to the Polka Pontoon...

Even a bad polka radio show will play good polka music now and then, and the Polka Pontoon is no exception. This CD delivers professionally recorded music spanning several polka styles, mainly in the form of juxtaposed medleys that have taken Tom Brusky an unprecedented number of hours to arrange. You'll hear Slovenian-style polkas played by a Dutchmen band, Dutchmen-style polkas played by a Slovenian band, parodied contemporary hits performed “live in concert” by a Polish band, a blend of polka and heavy metal like you've never imagined possible, and more. The bands are fictional, but the music is very real.

This CD is Tom Brusky's most extensive (and expensive) recording project released to date, and took an estimated three-hundred hours to create from start to finish. Professional musicians, vocalists, and voice-over artists were hired to give this CD the highest production value possible.
Artist: Tom Brusky