Concertina All Stars - Dancing with the All Stars

Polish American Polkas with the Concertina All Stars!

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Concertina All Stars playing Polish American Polkas. You will find Honky Style and more on this CD. Check out the Concertina All Stars today on this CD! Track listing:

1. Bass Polka
2. None Do I Care For Polka
3. Bouquet of Roses Polka
4. Under The Maple Tree Oberek
5. My Sweetheart Rosalinda Polka
6. Tony's Polka
7. Utica / Polish Sausage Polka
8. Katie's Polka
9. Stubborn Boy Oberek
10. If I Had a Chance Polka
11. Genie's Polka
12. Shining Moon Waltz
13. Chocolate Soda Polka
Artist: Concertina All Stars