Durlak - Joe Durlak Sings

Joe Durlak Sings Polish Songs!

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Joe Durlak sings on this CD with various artists. Joe Durlak was from Chicago and sings the classic Polish songs on this CD. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. I'm A Go-Getter Polka
2. Whose Girl Are You Waltz
3. Modern Times Polka
4. Little Chick Oberek
5. Painter's Polka
6. Sitting At The Well Kujawiak
7. What Aches You Polka
8. I'm Broke Oberek
9. Up The Hill Polka
10. Wife of Mine Where You Goin'
11. Four Miles From Krakow Polka
12. To Berne Oberek
13. Shine On Moon Waltz
14. On The Oak Tree Polka
15. Young Farmer Oberek
16. Play Me A Waltz
Artist: Joe Durlak