HG Studio - 25th Anniversary Special - 18 Polkas and Waltzes that were almost Never Released

Don Hunjadi's HG studio has produced many fine bands in Wisconsin and beyond! Here are some left over songs that have never been on albums before!

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Join the celebration by picking up this brand new CD packed full with 18 Cleveland Style polkas and waltzes from some of your favorite polka bands including: Steve Meisner, The Sidemen, Bob Doszak, The Joey Klass Band, Kenny Brandt, Don Gralak, and more. Every song has never before been released. It’s a must-have for your polka collection. Take a listen to some of the songs and then pick one up today and join the celebration! Brand new, just released, and in stock for immediate delivery!


Track listing:


The Sidemen, 1997
1. Harry's Polka
2. Erfie's Polka

Jay Brodersen Recording Orchestra, 1986
3. Into Each Life
4. Waltz of the Bells
5. Avalon
6. Kiss Me Again Waltz
7. Roses of Love

The Joey Klass Band, 1990
8. Buehnie's Polka
9. Lois Waltz
10. Kamnik Polka

The Bob Doszak Band, 1991, 1983
11. Have I Ever Told You
12. Don't Talk About Me/South

The Russ Allen Studio Band, 1983
13. Happski Polka
14. Spike's Polka

Don Gralak Band, 1991
15. Skier's Delight Polka

The Kenny Brandt Band, 1990
16. Anniversary Waltz
17. Yakety Sax Medley

Steve Meisner & Don Hunjadi, 1985
18. WTKM Bookings Theme (7 1/2 minute jammin' polka medley!)

Bonus Cut 1 • Silhouette
Bonus Cut 2 • Jingle Sampler

Artist: Steve Meisner, Don Gralak, Bob Doszak, The Sidemen, Joey Klass, Kenny Brandt, Jay Brodersen, Jeff Winard, Eric Noltkamper and more!