Staiduhar, George - Staiduhar's Finale

The One and Only George Staiduhar featured on Accordion!

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George Staiduhar is a fantastic accordion performer. His best known original composition is “Mozart’s Polka”. This CD is full of many George Staiduhar Originals. Don’t pass this excellent CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Mozart’s March Polka
2. Collinwood Memories Polka
3. Garden Stroll Waltz
4. Loveland Polka
5. Maybe Polka
6. Twenty Fingers Polka
7. My Malaney Boys Polka
8. Sweet Memories Waltz
9. Colton Boy’s Polka
10. Milini Polka
11. One of Those Songs
12. Blue Moon Waltz
13. Rockin’ “Robyn” Polka
14. The Three M Polka
15. Old Fashioned Wife Polka
16. Reunion Polka
17. Tracy’s Candlelight Polka
18. Elegant Van Dusan Waltz
19. Wickliffe Polka
20. Lieberstraum Waltz
21. Staiduhar Plays Strauss
22. Pudgie Wudgie Polka
23. There’s Yes Yes in Your Eyes Polka
24. I Try Hard to Tell You Waltz
Artist: George Staiduhar