Stanger - A Polka Love Affair

Frank Stanger playing Fine Original and Classic Cleveland Style Polkas!

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Award Winning Frank Stanger presents this new CD as a tribute to the memory of his brother, Jerry Stanger. "A Polka Love Affair" features the musicianship of Frank Stanger, Fred Gregorich, Ted Lysiak, Ronnie Sluga, Joe Zdelar, Paul Yeager, Marilyn Gobely, Randy Koslosky, Christine Hibbs, and John Ross. There are several originals as well as classics by Kenny Bass and Lou Trebar. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. West Wind Polka
2. Happy Birthday Baby Polka
3. Timko - Luzar Polka
4. Vicky's Waltz
5. Two Little Boys Waltz
6. Whistle Stop Polka
7. Old Skool Polka
8. Morning Star Waltz
9. Shipmates Polka
10. Sweetheart Mine Polka
11. One More Time Polka
12. Deep In My Heart Waltz
13. Whispering Waltz
14. Lake Shore Polka
15. Cider Press Polka
Artist: Frank Stanger