Homel - Classic Casey

Casey Homel with "Class Casey" on Concertina!

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Casey Homel presents 2 LPs on one CD. “Polka Favorites” and “Lively Polkas” on one CD entitled “Classic Casey”. This CD features the concertina of Casey Homel!

Tracks include:

Polka Favorites
1. Stop and Go Polka
2. South Side Oberek
3. Old Timers Polka
4. Two Keys Waltz
5. Red Lips Polka
6. Margie Polka
7. Red Beer Polka
8. Rocky Mountain Polka
9. Barbara Polka
10. Wisconsin Waltz
11. Teresa Polka
12. Baby Shoes Waltz
13. Live Forever Polka

Lively Polkas Tracks
14. Why Nots Polka
15. Mother and Daughter Polka
16. Get Happy Oberek
17. Farmers Daughter Polka
18. Zima Waltz
19. My Katie Polka
20. Moon in My Window Waltz
21. Petticoat Polka
22. My Girl Anna Oberek
23. My Fathers Polka
24. Tap the Bottle Polka
25. Dippy Polka
26. Honky Tonk Polka
27. K-C Waltz

Artist: Casey Homel