Honky Express - Somewhere There's A Someone

Polish American Polkas with Honky Express!

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The Honky Express performs on this CD. Classic Polish American Polkas are performed throughout this CD. Check out The Honky Express.

Track listing:

1. Somewhere There’s A Someone Polka
2. Let’s Sing, Let’s Love Polka
3. Happy Summer Polka
4. Under The Window Oberek
5. Born To Lose Polka
6. Dark Eyes Polka
7. Let’s All Sing Together Polka
8. I’ll Build You A Home-Write Me A Letter Waltz Medley
9. Horse and Carriage Polka
10. Send Me The Pillow Polka
11. Maciek’s Oberek
12. Sad Girl Waltz
13. Johnnie’s Dream Polka
14. Freckles Polka
15. Innocent Eyes Polka
16. Goralka Polka
17. Mother’s Garden Polka
Artist: The Honky Express

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