Hundenski - Vintage Bud

Bud Hundenski and His Corsairs recorded Live-In-Person!

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Bud Hundenski and the Corsairs continue on with the fine Eastern Style of Polish American Polka Music. This CD features several classic songs recorded Live-In-Person at the Starlight Ballroom of the PACC in Port Washington, Long Island, New York, October 3, 1982. Check out this fine CD with Bud Hundenski and the Corsairs!

Chuck Pendrak appears in these live performances.

Track Listing:

1. Sweet Seventeen Polka
2. Little Teddy’s Polka
3. Jolly Oberek
4. Sugar Daddy Polka
5. Saxo Polka
6. Polka for Trumpets
7. Elmer’s Oberek
8. Marianne Polka
9. Johnny’s Polka
10. Polka Swing
11. Modern Oberek
12. Dream Polka
Artist: Bud Hundenski and the Corsairs