Hyrczyk - If You Only Believe

All Instrumental Button Box Accordion with Bud Hyrczyk!

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After several years of hiatus, Bud Hyrczyk picked up the button box accordion and began to play again. Not only did Bud Hyrczyk play, but he also composed new songs. You will find 17 brand new songs on this CD written by Bud Hyrczyk. Don’t pass this fine CD today with guest performers Don Hunjadi, Eric Noltkamper, and Chris Doszak!

All Instrumental Button Box Accordion!

Track listing:

1. If You Only Believe
2. Stepping Up Polka
3. Cascade Waltz
4. Polka Train
5. Evening on Lake Bled
6. Turnpike Polka
7. Slovenia
8. Hop Scotch Polka
9. I Was Wishing Waltz
10. Riding High Polka
11. Evening Snow Waltz
12. Happy Go Lucky Polka
13. The Butterfly
14. Echo Mountain Polka
15. Daydream Waltz
16. Take the High Road Polka
17. My Sweet Harmonika
18. Topper's Polka
Artist: Bud Hyrczyk