Li'l Richard - Merry Christmas - Happy Easter

Li'l Richard sings Merry Christmas, Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and Happy Easter!

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Li'l Richard plays Polish American Polka Music from Chicago. Check out this Classic Li'l Richard music. Listen to this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Merry Christmas Polka
2. Standing In Line
3. What's Christmas
4. Christmas Should Come Everyday
5. Santa Claus Song
6. No Toys For Christmas
7. Chipmunk's Song
8. Sleigh Bells Waltz
9. Christmas Comes Only Once A Year
10. White Christmas
11. Season's Greetings
12. Happy Easter
13. Pat and Patty's Polka
14. My Easter Basket
15. Saint Pat's Polka
16. Easter Egg Hunt
17. Joe and Josie's Polka
18. Drinking With My Bunnies
19. An Easter Prayer
20. Concertina Easter Bunny
21. Easter Recipe Polka
Artist: Li'l Richard