Lush - Good Time Polkas

The Golden Voice of Polkas International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marion Lush!

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International Polka Music Hall of FameĀ® Marion Lush with 27 songs from two Classic Albums now on one CD. Musicians include: Marion Lush, John Furmaniak, Ted Byczek, Whitey Ryniec, Mike Stapinski, Joe Dudek, Jerry Rajewski, Stan Mikrut, Lenny Gomulka, Jerry Tokarz, and Richie Tokarz. Check out this fine CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Opening Theme Polka
2. Good Times Polka
3. Dzien Dobry Polka
4. Hey! Zosia Polka
5. Lancers Came Polka
6. In The Tall Castle Polka
7. On The Road Again Polka
8. My Pretty Blue Eyes Oberek
9. Godmother Polka
10. Polka Jamboree Polka
11. Don't Play Hard To Get Polka
12. La Dee Da Oberek
13. Don't Be Afraid Polka
14. It's Good To Have A Wife Polka
15. White Lily Polka
16. Wojenko Polka
17. O La La Polka
18. Real Good To Me Polka
19. White Eagles Polka
20. Kuczku Oberek
21. Baby Doll Polka
22. Happy and Single Polka
23. Love You Girl Polka
24. Clarinet Polka
25. Headache Polka
26. Yes Sir She's My Baby Polka
27. So Long For A While Polka
Artist: Marion Lush