Meisner, Steve - Meisner Time!

It's Meisner Time with Steve Meisner!

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"Meisner Time" is the title of this CD with Steve Meisner! This outstanding CD features many creative songs. Listen for the talents of Award Winning Steve Meisner. Superb performances by Don Hunjadi, Rick Hartmann, Jay Brodersen, Denny Anderson, David Austin, Jerry Bieniek, Jason Goldsmith, Matt Antoniewicz, and Jake Tomasicyk are included on this CD. We at highly recommend this CD with Steve Meisner!

What people are saying about "Meisner Time":

On a 1 to 10 scale I give it a ten. – Denny B.

Talk about "Perfection"! – Maureen M.

Another Meisner Classic! – Keith V

It may have taken awhile to produce, but it is the best CD that I have ever bought. – Doug K.

What a fantastic CD. – Bruce K.

Tracks include:

1. Sweet Jennie Lee
2. Granish Polka
3. A Wink and a Smile
4. Geno's Polka
5. Cecily's Waltz
6. Seebis Polka
7. There's Yes, Yes In Your Eyes
8. Waddling Duck
9. Anna Marie
10. Baskovic Polka
11. So Much Love
12. Doc Perko's Polka
13. Springtime In Love
14. Up the Hill to Magic City
15. Will You Love Me
16. Stop and Go Polka
17. Flirt with the Girls
18. I'll Dream of You Again
Artist: Steve Meisner