Meixner, Al - Alpine Melodies Volume 1 and 2

Solo Diatonic Button Box Accordion, All Instrumental with Al Meixner

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Mr. Al Meixner has been making music his entire life. He has studied music in great detail and continues to produce the music on his button box accordion and more. Here is some fine button box accordion formerly on two albums that has been re-released on one compact disc.


Track listing:


1. Kemmeter’s Polka
2. Kuckoo Waltz
3. Schweizer Schottische
4. Alpenlander Waltz
5. Terezinka Polka
6. Romaine’s Waltz
7. Burgenlander Polka
8. Olde Frothingslosh Galop
9. Hundert Jahre Laendler
10. Tief Im Boehmerwald
11. German Folk Dance Medley
12. Geh, Alte Polka
13. Edelweiss
14. Squeezer’s Polka
15. Little Burgenland Polka
16. I’ll wait For You Waltz
17. My Darling Maria
18. Gottlieb’s Rheinlander
19. Sei Zufrieden Polka
20. Alpine Song Medley
21. Danube Polka
22. Sharpshooter’s March
23. By The Sea Waltz
24. Good Morning Polka
25. Laendler with Feeling
26. A Long, Long Time Ago
27. Why So Fast? Galop
28. Encore

Artist: Al Meixner